Detection of currently connected modules and/or tags

Hi there,
is there any general option or function how could be found out which modules and/or tags is currently connected to Core module for choosing right behaviour?
For example if there is LCD module currently disconnected, data from temperature sensor should be sent wirelessly.


when I was playing with esp8266, I used I2C scanner for checking occupied I2C addresses (eg. I hope you can use same method here.

From source code, you can see that LCD is connected to I2C address 0x3c ( But there is probably no list of all devices with their address.

I don’t have any code, compatible with BC now, but maybe in the future…

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Thank you.
There are complete list of I²C device addresses here if you meant this.

Nice! Then I2C scanner can show also other details about address.

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You can do some I2C dummy reading, maybe even read just 0 bytes. All bc_i2c... functions return false when device doesn’t answer with ACK after their address is send to the bus.

… minute later …

Yes, it works. LCD Module detection

uint8_t dummy_byte;
bool lcd_module_connected = bc_i2c_memory_read_8b(BC_I2C_I2C0, 0x3c, 0x00, &dummy_byte);

I’ve set reading register 0x00. It could work different for other I2C devices. Best is to use WHO_AM_I I2C register for sensors which has it.


Thanks @expee and @hub.martin for your advices.
I’ll try it. :grin: