Door sensor not sending moving events

Hello, Im trying to get the “door sensor” functionality to the climate module.
I found the bcf-radio-climate-monitor-with-door-sensor, flashed it to the climate module, but Im not receiving any motion/acceleration related messages that I supposed the core module could provide.
Im probably missing something basic here and will be grateful for any hint, how to get it working.
Thank you.

the door sensor is meant to be used with Sensor Module and magnetic reed switch. It is not based on accelerometer detecting motion.

See the project here

Sensor that senses doors using accelerometer is using this code.

Thank you Martin. Now I see what I got wrong. I was inspired by the “drawer” project ( and thought the above mentioned firmware combines climate functionality with the accelerator.
Now my understanding is that if I want to combine the climate sensor with the movement detection using the accelerator, I need to build the firmware myself, correct?

Exactly, I would suggest to start with Climate Monitor firmware and add the accelerometer to it.
It will work perfectly fine, just add the accelerometer init to the application_init function and copy&paste the accelerometer callback function with radio publish message. The radio is already initialized so it should be straightforward.

See this page how to start with firmware. Instead of bcf create you just clone the climate kit firmware using git clone....