DS18B20 with sensor module

How cann i simply connect one or more DS18B20 temperature sensors to the sensor module. Can I somewhere find a demo example of a firmware for a 1-wire temperature sensor?

I have this not-yet-published project.
You can also connect climate module. Right now it supports only single 1-wire sensor.


The new version has unified the wiring with Soil Sensor Module library. Now the DATA is on the channel B. Power is on channel A or pin VDD based on version of Sensor Module.
Check application.c where the wiring is explained.

Power and Data pins are now reversed than displayed on the picture


I see that you are using 1st version of sensor module. Is code on github compatible with sensor module rev1.1?

Is there still single 1-wire sensor limitation?

Is it possible to implement parasite-powering with sensor module? So second I/O channel on sensor module stays free for another use.

I’ve updated the pool-sensor project. Now when used with Sensor Module R1.1 it uses the new VDD pin for power.
I also switched the DATA pin to the channel B so now the connection is the same with Soil Moisture sensor.

More wiring examples we’re added to the docs https://www.bigclown.com/doc/hardware/about-sensor-module/

It is possible to extend the library to use parasite power, but we do not use or recommend that because of the reliability issues.



I’ve created new verson which supports multiple DS18B20 sensors. This is debug version which sends data every 2 seconds over radio and also over USB (look there in case of problems).

This is not low-power production firmware yet, but this week I’ll release the final version so please test it if you can.

bcf-radio-pool-sensor-multiple-ds18b20.bin (76.6 KB)

This code has switched VCC/DATA pins to the original version, please check the pinout here


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