e-Paper display for Big Clown core module

Hi here,

my old proprietary meteo station is going slowly to Silicon Heaven and I’m thinking about replacement.

I have already working exterior sensor with different sensors and rain gauge. I plan to make also wind sensor based on https://www.hackster.io/158890/wireless-outdoor-weather-station-using-bigclown-core-module-76079a.

What I’m thinking about now is the meteo station. Idea with LCD module is nice and works great, but what about ePaper display. There is bunch of nice displays from WaveShare in different sizes and with 2-4 colours.

Has anyone ever experimented with those displays and had some results?

Thank you for any advice.


Hello Pavel,
we’ve started development of E-ink module a week ago. We expect some prototypes in a month from now.

Size - Big module, format like cover module
Display - WaveShare - don’t know the exact type but it will be the biggiest that will fit. We will use 2 color display because of much faster refresh. But WaveShare is using same connectors for all its e-inks, so it will be possible to connect different sizes and types.
Module will have 4 buttons.

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Hi Martin,

thank you for update, it sounds really good. Size seems to be enough for meteo station I’m thinking about…

Best regards,

This is the eink we plan to use

Here is a sneak-peek of module - there seems to be some major errors so this picture is really illustrative :wink: