How to publish custom MQTT messages?

I would like to publish my own MQTT messages from Core module. At this moment I am using Climate monitor example which publish MQTT messages on every sensor change. I would like to publish my custom message. Does exists some example for this?


yes exists, for example here

We have these features for user topics in the SDK

bool bc_radio_pub_bool(const char *subtopic, bool *value);
bool bc_radio_pub_int(const char *subtopic, int *value);
bool bc_radio_pub_uint32(const char *subtopic, uint32_t *value);
bool bc_radio_pub_float(const char *subtopic, float *value);
bool bc_radio_pub_string(const char *subtopic, const char *value);

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Thank you very much! It is exactly what I need…

Can you please send me some link to one of these features? Because before I wrote here I looked for it on without success…

this header file is without doc, we must fix it :slight_smile: