Proof-of-Concept: Updating firmware of Core module over WiFi using WiFi module

Hi there,
if I’m right there’s no other way how to update firmware of Core module except over USB (using dfu or by FTDI chip).
Would it be theoretically possible to upgrade firmware using connected ESP8266 in WiFi module made by @petus or with some HW enhanced in possible future version of WiFi module version 1.2?
That do you thing @petus @hub.martin @martin.grames?

Hi Matous,
thanks for your interesting question.

The FW in ESP8266 should include AT commands and also the behavior of USB-UART convertor (it means controlling of RX, TX , BOOT and Reset) - ESP8266 will be like WiFi - UART convertor.

The second question is, the ESP8266 has to be on the same UART bus like USB-UART convertor, it can cause the communication collision, because TX of USB-UART will be connected to TX of ESP8266 and also RX of STM32.

Hardwario team, what do you think? Any similar idea?


I had the same idea, but I didn’t have time to finish it.If you can use the wifi module directly I do not know, I wanted to connect esp8266-01, and enjoy it for quick development of multiple nodes.
There is an interface for serial communication in bcf to add a remote serial port. Today there is support for ftdi and bigclown bridge from alpha set, so it is possible to flash old core modules r1.3 faster than over dfu.

It can work easily on UART2 whre the DFU is. There is not any collision with FTDI as long as the Core Module is not powered over USB (thanks to Q3 & D4).
(This trick could be used also in @petus other ESP32 projects, where he currectly aims for lowest power but would like to keep the FTDI on the board :wink:)


Thants @Karel for your notes.
Please can you describe how to flash old core modules r1.3 faster than over dfu in Windows?

Thanks @hub.martin for your advices.

Wow, that’s so smart.