Radio pool sensor firmware and core module temperature

We are using radio-pool-sensor firmware for reading few 1 wire temperature sensors. With some success we are getting 1 wire temperatures, but there is no core module temperature beeing sent to mqtt.
Is that because it is not enabled in this firmware, or are we doing something wrong :slight_smile:

the code expects Climate Module, so it does not use internal temperature sensor on the Core Module.

So it would need to create custom firmware with added TMP112. For example from Button kit

Here is the project explained

awesome, by a coincidence I had an climate module lying around so it works flawlessly now :slight_smile:

btw. what is the proposed way to slightly change already existing firmware (ideally to get also updates from the official one or at least notification)? is there a way to fork in on github do the modification and than flash it straight from there? I found a documentation how to start from a scratch, but how to modify something existing not, but maybe I am not good at searching. - if you think I should start a separate thread on it I can :slight_smile:

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