Relay module power by batteries


can I use relay module + core and battery module for opening garage door ?
I mean, will it work powered by batteries only or do I need to use usb power adapter ?


Definetely use power adapter.
It has been discussed here. Spirit1 radio on listening has 10 mA current consumption.

It is complicated to find a balance between the consumption and responsivity of the device.

The garage doors have some power supply so I would recommend use some USB charger or Power Module with DC Adapter which has also a relay.

If I use relay + core module + usb charger then I don’t need battery module ?

Bigclown is fully flexible in choosing the right power source.

You can use just Relay Module, Core Module and USB charger. It will work fine.

More info about power management is here

Only exception is the Power Module which has bigger relay and support for LED strip - this module works only from DC 5V adapter because the LEDs take a lot of current.

For garage door control you then upload any firmware which has generic power in the name and you can use pulse MQTT topic to simulate the button press.

Thank you for your help

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