Setup on Turris, what to do next?


I made some application with Bigclown sandbox, and now I try to port it on Turris, I used “Custom Setup on Turris” ( ), but what to do next?

Node Red is not presented ? Because in front of the article in list is Node-RED mentioned. But when I tryiing to visit ROUTER_ID:1883 there’s nothing :frowning:

Or I don’t need Node Red? Can I put export from Node Red somehow?

Can 1883 port be blocked or why ther’s nothing on it?

(Mosquitto Broker look’s working fine, i can send message from terminal one into another terminal registred for receiving. Also bcf-gateway-usb-dongle and bcf-gateway-core-module working)

It seems like copy/paste error of the Introduction chapter. In the tutorial there really isn’t node-red installed.
I’ve asked @Karel for help, he has experience with Turris.
For the moment, i’ve found that it could be installed with LXC container. So maybe you could follow these instructions.

Hi @iiic,
you can try start Node-Red service again by /etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle start command.

You can also use part of instruction from
I followed instruction and succeeded.
You can also use node-red_1.0.3.ipk except of mentioned node-red_0.20.6.ipk available here.


Great, it worked !

manual installation of node-red_1.0.3.ipk was solution. It also writesFailed to open //usr/lib/opkg/info/kmod-crypto-ecdh.list: No such file or directory. but probabilly not a problem. Because on :1880 is Node Red and working :slight_smile:

Thanks for advice.


You are welcome.

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