Sleep mode - minimum power consumption

Hi, do you have some example for sleep and deep sleep mode?
For example: idle sleep mode (minimum power consumption) and once per second is wake up and blinky with LED.

Hello Libor,

the sleeping is handled automatically. You can use bc_system calls

Now I see that this header file does not export to, we will fix that.

After start-up, the scheduler takes care of sleeping. When there is no other task to run, this line of code does that

You can see, that there’s a if statement so no everytime the MCU is going to sleep

if (_bc_scheduler.sleep_bypass_semaphore == 0)

You can disable sleeping between task cycle by calling void bc_system_deep_sleep_disable(void).

Better is disable sleep in scheduler bc_scheduler_disable_sleep()

In example for button&LED is standard power consumption about 2 mA when LED is off and 3.3 mA when is on.
What is a power consumption when system is in SLEEP mode and in DEEP SLEEP mode?

I don’t want to disable sleep mode, but enable :slight_smile: Or better - enable deep sleep mode.
How to use “void bc_system_deep_sleep_enable(void);” ? No affected when I use it…

I just add a note. I talked to on phone and the 2mA current consumption was measured on the USB cable which is not designed low-power. I told him to measure the current on the battery pins or VDD/GND pins. He will measure it again and then we decide if the current (typically 10-20 uA) will be suitable for him.

Yes, exactly, my mistake.
When the Core module is powered by external power supply the power consumption is 20.86uA - it’s looks like good.
For example when Sigfox modul is transmitting, avearage consumption is 10 mA, maximim 74.95 mA.


tak ten Sigfoxí modem jsem si do backendu přidal, v tom nebyl potíž. Nicméně stále nepřijímám data - tipuji, že bude nějaký problém s tím subscriptionem. Můžeš na to juknout? - viz info o modemu přímo z backendu:

Name: BigClown

Protocol: N/A

Activable state:

Sequence number: N/A (N/A)

Trash sequence number: 63 (2018-09-11 10:46:53)

Last seen: N/A

PAC: 3EB21985837A5F66

Product certificate: P_007D_2D92_01

Latitude: 49.169 (degrees)

Longitude: 17.513 (degrees)

Device type: SHT31

Average SNR : N/A

Average RSSI : N/A

State: Off Contract

Communication status:

Activation date: N/A

Token validity: OFF CONTRACT

**Subscription automatic renewal status: **Not allowed

**Subscription automatic renewal: **

Creation date: 2018-09-10 18:00:00

Created by: N/A

Last edition date: N/A

Last edited by: N/A

**Modem manufacturer: **Axsem_SOC_RCZ1_Reference_Design

**Modem name: **Axsem_SOC_RCZ1_Reference_Design

**Modem version: **V1.1.2

**Repeater function: **

**Input link budget: **-127 dBm

**Status: **Finalized

Starting date: N/A

Expiration date: N/A

Description: Waiver on spectrum mask and RampDown specifications. See report 1.0.10 : SW version 7120_ETSI_DL 1.1.0 : valid also solving issues on ETSI TA 1.1.2 : improved ETSI tests also

**Modes: **Downlink, Uplink

Radio Configurations:

**Product manufacturer: **Dev kit

**Product name: **Dev kit

**Product version: **R2.0

**Input link budget: **N/A

**DevKit: **

Description: BigClown Home Automation is a modular solution for DIY segment. Sigfox dev kit is part of this system and its role is to provide communication of assembled units Based on a Wisol WSSFM10R1AT module

**Modes: **Uplink

Radio Configurations:

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