Wi-Fi module with ESP8266 and supported by BigClown SDK

Hi All,
I designed a Wi-Fi module v1.1 with ESP8266 and Martin Grames wrote a library for supporting of ESP8266 in SDK.
As Wi-Fi module may be used ESP07/08/12E or 12F. It is up to you.
The ESP8266 needs two controling inputs - CH_PD (enable) and RESET. Board contains solder bridges where you can choose which GPIO will be use for this purpose.
Also, you can choose which UART will be use for communication with Core module (by solder bridges).
The board includes I2C connector for sensor (temperature/humidity/…) and you can use BigClown’s TAGs or some chinese sensor - the Wi-Fi module is ready for both.
More info you find on https://time4ee.com/articles.php?article_id=124
You can buy Wi-Fi module on tindie - https://www.tindie.com/products/17917/
I modified Flood Detector and added Wi-Fi connectivity with this module.
The power consumption of Core module + Wi-Fi module in sleep mode is only 27 uA.


Hi @petus,

thank you for this module and improvements you’ve done in v1.1. We’re looking forward for next modules you do :slight_smile: And again we will give you support for implementing them.

Here is the picture from Tindie page

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