2 relay modules on core module

I am trying to connect 2 relay modules to core module. In the core module i have firmware bcf-generic-node-power-module-rgbw72. I need to remotelly control gate and door. One relay response on node/{node-id}/relay/0:0/pulse/set but i do not know how to control second relay. I have tried this mqtt, node/{node-id}/relay/0:1/pulse/set but nothing happens. Do I need patch firmware or is there another way how to pulse second relay?


Hi, to control two Relay Modules you need to change I2C address of the second Relay Module: Remove the 0R resistor on the left and place it to alternative position on the right (or just shortcut pads with solder):

I add reference to the documentation.

Here is the example code how to write firmware to control Relay Module.
In that code is the bc_relay_module_init address 0x3B, when you resolder that zero ohm resistor then you set alternate I2C address 0x3F.
The address space of I2C can be found here https://www.bigclown.com/doc/hardware/i2c-address-space/

Let us know if you need more help.

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