Accessing both channels (A,B) from generic firmware

Is possible access both channels in sensor module with generic firmware. If I using radio_door_sensor firmware it is possible, but with generic firmware only channel A is working. And another question is, it is possible get status of sensor state?


in the generic firmware there is code which uses channel A for flood sensor.

So if you repeat the same steps (lines 263-267 + copy of event handler flood_detector_event_handler) but change parameter to CHANNEL_B then it would work.

Do you write your own firmware, would you need to help create one?
It is always best solution to use generic fiwmare for testing and later create your own just with the code and sensors you need. Generic firmware is more power hungry because of all possible sensor options.


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Thanks, i try it but don’t works for me, if you are able to create patch for me, I will build firmware yourself.

So you would like the behavior of the door sensor with some functionality in generic firmware?
It would be better to create firmware specifically for your needs if you tell me all what you need. Generic is also unnecessary power hungry.


My configuration for most configuration is (battery mini - core - climate station) and i read only all data from climate station and core voltage. For one situation is configuration (battery mini - core - sensor module -climate station). If possible create low power firmware i will be pleased.

By climate station you mean Climate Module?

Hi Budul,

I’ve forked the Climate Monitor project and added bc_switch for input A and B on Sensor Module. Now when you ground the A or B pin or disconnect it, you will get MQTT message.

MQTT log:

node/cf80c5f61999/info {"firmware":"climate-door-sensor","version":"vdev","mode":3}
node/climate-door-sensor:0/battery/-/voltage 2.79
node/climate-door-sensor:0/thermometer/0:0/temperature 24.12
node/climate-door-sensor:0/hygrometer/0:4/relative-humidity 42.4
node/climate-door-sensor:0/lux-meter/0:0/illuminance 189.9
node/climate-door-sensor:0/barometer/0:0/pressure 98015
node/climate-door-sensor:0/barometer/0:0/altitude 279.56

node/climate-door-sensor:0/door-sensor/a/state false
node/climate-door-sensor:0/door-sensor/a/state true
node/climate-door-sensor:0/door-sensor/b/state false
node/climate-door-sensor:0/door-sensor/b/state true

Build the firmware yourself or use binary in release


yes, module :slight_smile: sorry

It’s perfect, thank you

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