Any functional example for Humidity tag R3.0?


I am starting with examples, tested quite few already, and it mostly work fine. The only problem so far is with this humidity tag. As last example I tested Room Air Quality Monitor which seems to be up-to-date, but the same problem. Nothing comes from humidity sensor, only temperature and CO2

What is also strange when testing the wireless cirkus example (the available beta version) not only that the humidity sensor is not providing any data but also when I plug the climate modul on the top, it provides all data but the humidity.

I have no obsession regarding humidity but still, I want to see it work :slight_smile: Any ideas?


the wireless circus is no longer supported, and the R3 tag does not support the humidity tag.

For remote use
And for the base

It is necessary to update package bc-gateway on raspberrypi.

Thanks! Now everything works perfectly, great progress in the firmware! :slight_smile: I really love what you do, the only bottleneck seems to be the documentation or perhaps I don’t have the talent to navigate in it :slight_smile:

Regarding bcf-generic-node. There are more versions in the download section but I can see just one source code in the repository. Where to find the code for a particular version?


all code is in application.c, but some parts are turned off or on using the make parameters

look at this file

Hi Lubomir,
we are working hard on better documentation right now. you can take a look but it is work-in-progress.
Some topics are much more better explained than in the old one.
Hope it helps

I just updated Room Air Quality Monitor to use new humidity tag R3. Sorry for troubles.