Are AT commands in the lora-climate-monitor example necessary?

I am exploring the example:

and lot of code looks that is needed for AT commands. Is that code there for explanation how to use AT commands as well as Lora commands, or is there something why it must be used there? I found that using SDK is possibe to get all necessary keys etc. (

I would like to simplify the example to use only Lora commands, but I am not sure if it is good idea or not.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I hope I understood correctly.

It is absolutely ok to just use the SDK API and C language to set/get keys if you know how to compile firmware. The AT commands were created so people doesn’t have to learn C, SDK and install toolchain.

All the LoRa configuration is stored directly in the LoRa Module. So once you configure the Module by AT commands for example with Lora Climate Monitor, it is not necessary to put the initialization keys in your program.


Thank you for your explanation, I understand. When I need to configure LoRa for the first time (set/get keys) it is up to me which method I will use to get/set values. For example I can read values from LoRa module and display them using log function. Or I can use MQTT or anything else.
I can also create simple “one-time” application that will read all the keys from the LoRa module and give me them using the log. Then I can use LoRa module in any other harware set with known values.

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