Battery consumption

I have problem with battery consumption on one of my nodes.
Everything was ok for months. Suddenly core module R2.1 start consume battery very fast. It drain battery in 2days. I’ve exchnage batery module etc… and problem is in core module. I tried flash new firmware on it and still same.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance

Poznámka 2020-08-12 104406


a) Which modules and peripherals we’re connected to the Core Module?
b) Where the module was placed?

Based on picture I see that Core Module has some marks of being in very moist place. This moisture causes damage to PCB, parts, electric shorts and excessive power consumption.

We suggest conformal coating spray when the modules are in a harsh envioronment.

I’m not sure if that can be fix by some kind of (ultrasound) cleaning. It seems like the capacitors are really corroded already.

Thanks for answer.
Now I can see it. It was placed in weatherstation cabinet and air humidity makes it.
I did gently cleaning with my glassfiber brush to remove all corrosion and its help for now.
I am going to order coating spray.

You can use Isopropyl Alcohol and brush to clean pcb.
If you coat PCB by spray then you have to cover connectors, usb, button, maybe JTAG.
You have to coat PCB also from bottom side, because moisture will start eating also vias (we tested that :slight_smile: )