Battery level still 0

I flash core module with official firmware for climate module and found, that battery level reported on MQTT topic is always 0 (HW setup: mini battery module, core module, climate module).

Same situation is for another HW (battery module, CO2 module, core module, and few tags). Again, I flash there official firmware for wireless CO2 module.

Do you have idea what could be wrong?


the battery voltage feature should work. It does not work when you use different battery module (mini/full) than the firmware is expecting.

Which firmware and version do you use in USB Dongle and remote? You can get the version from MQTT when you plug in the dongle or restart the remote node.


Dongle v1.8.0 (FW bcf-gateway-usb-dongle).

I used official FW for climate module, which is configured for small battery module ( My HW is composed parts mentioned in (i.e. I have there small battery module)

Third module use big battery module and I have those lines in application_init:

    bc_module_battery_set_event_handler(battery_event_handler, NULL);

Please, try flashing the released firmware by bcf utility.

For dongle:
sudo bcf flash bigclownlabs/bcf-gateway-usb-dongle:v1.8.0 --device /dev/ttyUSB0
For Climate monitor:
sudo bcf flash --dfu bigclownlabs/bcf-kit-wireless-climate-monitor:v1.3.0

I’ve tested this combination now and it works even with older 1.7.4 gateway. Let me know if you get correct battery values from the mini battery module.

It would be the best if you could send me the same MQTT log as I’ve added below in case, it still won’t work. Thanks.

hub@hpnix:~$ mosquitto_sub -t "#" -v
gateway/usb-dongle/info {"id": "836d1983a46e", "firmware": "bcf-gateway-usb-dongle", "version": "v1.8.0"}
gateway/usb-dongle/nodes [{"id": "836d1983532f", "alias": "kit-climate-monitor:0"}]
node/kit-climate-monitor:0/info {"version": "v1.3.0", "firmware": "kit-climate-monitor"}
node/kit-climate-monitor:0/battery/-/voltage 2.48


Reflashing gateway FW helps, now I can see voltage from all nodes. Thank you!

(it is strange anyway, I made gateway flash immediately I received HW and also response from gateway get me information that 1.8.0 is already flashed)