Bc-raspbian 1.8.0: No device after upgrade


I have been running raspberry installation for some time without problems.
Yesterday I did update/upgrade and after restart the hub.local web page shows “no Radio Dongle connected” I had no luck to make it work again, so i decided for fresh install. Downloaded bc raspian 1.8.0 . After install everything was ok, after update/upgrade = again “no device”

Ok, I won’t update for now, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to avoid updates in the future. Any advice?

I have the same problem :(.

Hello, we’ll take a look closer at the issue tomorrow.
Can you disconnect and connect the Radio dongle, connect over SSH to the Rpi and copy and paste me what you get by typing

  1. bcf devices
  2. last 10 lines lines of command dmesg
  3. pm2 list
  4. pm2 log bcg-ud


I did some testing and broke everything :slight_smile: so right now i dont have running system, but will try to answer what I remember:

    • usb dongle was listed and appeared / disappeared when pluged/unpluged
  1. bc-ud was running i could stop it/run it , but it didnt helped
    the same for hhtp server and node-red

mosquitto changed default config file after the upgrade.

Quick fix is create new config file for mqtt protocol
sudo nano /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/mqtt.conf

And add this two lines:

listener 1883
protocol mqtt

And restart mosquitto
sudo service mosquitto restart

Thx for the report, I’m going to create a new bc-raspbian version with this fix.

New https://github.com/bigclownlabs/bc-raspbian/releases/tag/v1.8.1 with mosquitto config file fix

thx for quick response