BigClown modules + Feather Specification


have you ever considered to have “bridge module” to modules meeting Feather Specification => possible integration with Adafruit modules or Particle modules? Is it feasible?
Just curious.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Oskar,

when we we’re deciding which pinout standard we would use in BigClown, we studied a lot of them. Including Feather pinout. Back then the Feather was not so popular and it was hard to find ideal pinout for us.
One of the issues all the pinouts have is lack of proper power management. In BigClown you can connect any power modules and it will select the best (USB/ DC Jack) and it will electrically disconnect the battery modules. So there’s no power source collision. Yes, it may be done by diodes but you loose few hundred millivolts there.

It’s true that Feather does this on the board because the li-po charging is on-board, but when you connect some different voltage source on the +3V3 rail and connect also Li-Po battery then the power source outputs are connected together which is not optimal.

In BigClown we wanted that you can use one of many power sources Battery Module, Mini Battery Module, Power Module and it will not collide.

Our pinout has VDD_OFF pin which is not connected through. More details is explained in docs

Also other formats don’t use disconnectable voltage dividers :slight_smile: Feather M4

Hello Martin,

thank you for detailed explanation :slight_smile: