Change node alias

how I can change alias name of node?

I tried following commands, but node still reporting metrics on node/xyz/... topic:

$ mosquitto_pub -h localhost -p 1883 -t gateway/xyz/alias/set -m "{\"id\": \"id-node\", \"alias\": \"outside\"}"
$ mosquitto_pub -h localhost -p 1883 -t gateway/xyz/alias/set -m "{\"id\": \"xyz\", \"alias\": \"outside\"}"

You have to put gateway name instead xyz

$ mosquitto_pub -h localhost -p 1883 -t gateway/{gateway_node_name_there}/alias/set -m "{\"id\": \"id-node\", \"alias\": \"outside\"}"

What you mean by gateway_node_name_there? The default alias like kit-climate-monitor:0 or node id like 826d89831daa?

What should I put there if my node respond to “List paired nodes” Node-RED message just with id and no alias?

You can have more gateways connected to one mqtt server. So you have to provide gateway name to specify gateway you are talking to.

The name of gateway you can found there

`Get info about all connected gateway

mosquitto_pub -t ‘gateway/all/info/get’ -n


gateway/{name}/info {“id”: “836d19839c3b”, “firmware”: “bcf-gateway-…”}`

Aha, get it. I put wrong name into gateway/{gateway_node_name_there}/alias/set topic. Thanks!