Cloony Eagle library and firmware documentation


could you please provide the Cloony library file(s) for Eagle and further documentation about firmware upload to Cloony? I didn’t find much information about this in official documentation.

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Hi Kamil,
Cloony can be programmed by ST Microelectronics internal bootloader. You pull the BOOT pin to VCC, reset CPU or reaplly power and then you can flash code over USB - TTL UART converter by our BCF python utility. Use TXD0 & RXD0 pins.
The USB is not connected so you cannot do USB/DFU flash.

Other option is to do a firmware flash over 10 pin JTAG connector, but that is by default unpopulated.

Here’s similar approach with Core Module which you can follow. Please see the section “Programujme Core modul přes UART”

I’ve asked colleagues your question regarding the Cloony library, they’ll answer here later.


Cloony as a lbr. device you can find in our github in bc-hardware here

It seems like there is only Core Module in the library, can you @wooferx please update it? Thanks

Sorry, now it is update

Thank you for prompt answers guys.