CO2 calibration

where I find the calibration button?
“CO2 calibration sensor calibration start after a long hold of the button”

Button on core module.

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Hi Karel,
do you have description for calibration the CO2 module?
I have 3xCO2 moules, and one module stopped sending measured values after calibration. How can I debug calibration process? Without correct calibration is the CO2 module only generater of random values.


current firmware bcf-radio-co2-monitor does not have implemented proper calibration. We will do a firmware upgrade soon. The calibration routine needs to be called 32 times, not just once after the button long press.

CO2 does not send values during calibration, but it should send values after calibration.
Does the CO2 monitor communicate at all? Does it send temperature values?
Did you try to replace batteries?


realy I don’t know, what “The calibration routine needs to be called 32 times” you mean.
CO2 monitor it send temperature value, relative humidity value, pressure value and altitude value changed from 310m to 460m. Missing only CO2 value. I changed the batteries to new ones.

So just to cofirm the actual state. You say that the CO2 sensor does not work at all now? Even when you replace the batteries? On all three units?

The CO2 takes many minutes to measure and send the first sample over radio because the capacitor is charging. Sometimes the capacitor is powering the Core Module so it did not restarts when you replace the batteries. Can you try completely disconnect the modules and connect them again? Maybe the Core Module is still in the calibration mode and does not measure CO2 values.

That thing with 32 samples during calibration is not important for now, we take care of that in updated firmware.


I did everything what you recommended to me. Situation is same. I have a question, how is possible debug communication between CO2 and CORE modules or how can I restart CO2 module to factory default.