Core Module/Radio Dongle EA versions

I have several questions:

  1. those EA version (external antenna) - does they include built-in antenna + connector for external antenna? Or they always must be used with external antenna?

  2. is there some difference in signal strength between Core module and dongle (my understanding is I can use core module same way as dongle, right?)

  3. What antenna connector is used? I search hardwario shop but did not see any antenna/connector or specification.

Hello Michal,

  1. They always need external antenna.

  2. Core Module and USB Dongle is using same ST Spirit1 radio module, so there is no difference.

  3. It is U.Fl connector. See our antenna section on shop I use this type just on USB Dongle and works great I live in a house and this antenna on Dongle covers all my Core Modules that are in or around a house. Core modules have internal antennas.

Thanks for reply. I have no idea how I missed all section with antennas and other accesories:-)