Can I find somewhere “old” documentation in czech language with many examples?
The page isn’t working and on “new” doc page aren’t suitable examples.
Doc in PDF will be sufficient.

You can check examples in sdk:

@mkyral Yes, but this examples I can find directyl in project folder (in sdk/_examples)
I want to read another tutorials which were on

I expect that it will be on github, but can’t find it there.

@mkyral Me too, but nothing :frowning: Many saved links are deleted and it!s difficult to find something :-1:

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback and sorry about the confusion, but we had to make the step forward the new docs. The legacy documentation still lives on GH and you can browse it under this link:

On the other hand, I would love to hear which parts are you missing the most and we will work on these to get them in the new documentation. I believe we are on the right track and the clarity of the new docs will be way better than the former one.

Thanks for any suggestions! P.

@hubpav Thank you for link. I downloaded your repositary and use MarkdownPad 2 to show text with pictures.

So, for example: when I bought a battery module, I would like to find (it doesn’t matter if is in czech or englich) some example how to use it - I mean e.g. how to measure voltage level.
Something as you have here: how to battery
And would be nice if is the example only with base component (Core module + battery module). When I haven’t LCD module, I can’t use your example directly, but I have to crafting data. It will be bette to use USB UART for showing information, because it’s a base part and it’s on core module.

I’m a hardware guy and for me is important to have a example for all components. I want to buy something and test it very quickly if is working. I don’t know which components are neccessary to use and I don’t want to spend hour for basic function.

And will be very nice if you will have “quick” example for all components. It doesn’t matter if will be in DOC section or for example here: SDK

Hello Libore :wink:
you’re right, there is not simple example with battery module. The plan is to create basic examples for every module.

So if you still didn’t find how to get voltage here are some tips:

Unfortunately this is the one of the ways until we fill the examples and documentation.
Here’s the documentation page which is for battery module. We need to add a simple callback example without the need of the LCD so the example will be minimalistic.

I’ve generated a static HTML files from the old documentation including images.

Hi Waldi,

I am sorry for this particular battery example, I somehow did not realize that measuring batteries over USB could be useful too :frowning:

USB version has been added. In other examples there should be no special requirements for additional hardware/modules - just USB or LED integrated on Core module.

If you will run into any error or problem in documentation, you can open a new issue at This is the fastest way to let us know that there is something bad with… something :smiley:

Thanks for reporting the battery-example problem and I hope that you will enjoy your BigClown set.