Double module holder

Sometimes it would be nice to have a BigClown node in a slim variant. For example if I have a relay module it should be possible to place it next to the core module and save few millimeters of height.

Other use case for the double module holder is the climate module next to the display module.

What do you think about that?


Yes. Some Splitter module would be nice. But I have no idea, if it is possible in some easy way.

Hello, we’ve already been thinking about this module for some time. So there are plans to create this splitter module, but I don’t know when we’ll have time to start working on the batch of many new modules.

That’s great to hear that it has already been considered. When you are going to prioritize what to do next consider this module with higher priority :-).



Hi Vlado,
actually, this is like 3rd request this month :slight_smile: We may prioritize it.

I was actually thinking that for real HW geeks it would make sense to sell modules without the pin headers / sockets soldered. Then you could create your own carrier board with fairly tiny profile.

What do you think? Thx. P.

The board without headers/puns sounds like a good idea to me.

Split module is here, even two versions!!

YES!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Great job guys! My is already on the way :slight_smile: