Encoder Module - 3D printed front panel

I just bought my first 3D printer and I’m working on design of rotary encoder front panel. In theory I only need a slightly modify existing BCE204 design. But I’m using SolveSpace and it can only export to STL. So I have to design it from scratch.

I’ve found a nice drawings on wiki (https://www.bigclown.com/doc/hardware/header-pinout/), that missing one important detail. Rounded corner diameter. I’m using 5 now, it is close, but seems not perfect. What is the correct value?

I thing links to these drawings should be in readme or doc folder. Also will be nice have a drawings of current enclosures. My module combination is LCD, Encoder, Core, Battery and I need to move the usb hole lower. But again, I’m not able to do it in stl. So I want to recreate the enclosure from scratch. And this will be much easer if I have a drawing with all needed dimensions.

Just a note, this is what I have for now.

(I split the front panel to two parts for better printing).

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Hi Marián,
In BCE204C I used 5.5 mm inner corner.
I am sending opensccad model. Maybe it will help you. If you don’t know Openscad, try it and render the model using F5 and F6 for generate STL.
bce204c.zip (1.1 KB)

We are preparing all models of BigClown enclosures in Openscad format. Models will be published on our Github soon :slight_smile:

Thanks. Even I’m not able to import it into SolveSpace, it can be useful. I only need to learn OpenSCAD a little. Could you also share parts a and b?

So I’ve finished a first prototype of second part.
It needs to be printed with supports and you probably notice main issues:

  • LCD module is to high and has no electric contact, so does not work.
  • There is a gap between center and right part.

I’ve some ideas how to fix it, but all of them requiring supports.

Hi Marián,
Nice work! :slight_smile:
I don’t have BCE204 A and B part in Openscad yet, we have to tune model after model. Our Old STLs ware designed in Solidworks.
But you can use working file with enclosure BCE301 (Power Module) and tune the height and remove terminal holes for your box. I am sending it.bc-box-lib-bce301.zip (3.1 KB)

Or maybe you can use design of BCE203 and change the right part for Encoder:
BCE203.ZIP (178.1 KB)

Part A and B is made by editing existing STL in openscad, bu t it does’t work very well, there can be problems during 3D printing, so I don’t recommend this way.

Thanks for all files. At the end I’ve redesigned whole enclosure in SolveSpace. Looks pretty similar. Most tricky part are these slots for rubber loops. In SolveSpace I can’t extrude along the path :frowning:

And also for cover I would like try a printing without supports by using bridges. It should work.

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