Enhancements for lora gps tracker

Hi dear FW develops of the lorawan gps tracker, after using it for a few days (and knowing also Adeunis Field test device) i would like to recomend some enhancements for even more functionality :-))

1.) It should be possible to let device repeat the join request every x seconds.
2.) it should be possible to set transmission power ( The Things Network sometimes set power to 1 dbm if you are near a station, when you move away you are wondering why you are not received anymore but device was set to low power)
3.) if you receive an ACK it would be super cool to have the RSSI of the ACK message shown on the display. Great for coverage tests.,
4.) logfile: for more coverage tests it would be super super cool to get a simple logfile with

  • timestamp, location, ack received (or not) and if received the RSSI,

(and another comment: Switching from USB power to battery power crashes the device regulary)

Great device!
Thanks for your cool work


thanks for suggestions. I’ll try to add some functionality when I will work on the tester.

  1. Repeating JOIN could be possible - can you explain in what scenario would you use this?
  2. Tansmission power is supported in the modem, could be added to the menu
  3. Seems like there is no way to get the RSSI of ACK from the modem
  4. Logfile could be implemented. However saving to the FLASH could be more complicated. Maybe the RAM would be fine. How many items would be usable? 50, 100 last transmissions where the newest will overwrite the older? How would you access this log, over uart by typing some AT command that would paste the whole logfile? And another command to clear the log?

Issue with power source switching USB/batterry is weird. Core Module has proper power source switching. By crashing you mean it freezer, or restarts or… ?


Hi Martin,

1.) well, from my experience Join request is much more signal relevant than simple sending data,
from my tests in my town where we have really good TTN gateways 60-90% of join requests failing because of bad ACK from Gateway to Loradevice.
So the Adeunis device is starting Join request with SF7 8x, than SF8 8x, SF9 8x and so on until it is at SF12. I switched my Bigcloud to not Join mode because of this problems.

2.) would be cool…
3.) ok, if ACK is there = signal available :-))

4.) i think it would be enough to write it to the console… so if you need it, you just connect laptop and save the data in the terminal (i think that would be easy to realise… but needs to be enabled in menue, itherwise you get all the time the data when you want to programm the keys