Faulty fw bcf-radio-air-quality-monitor-v1.0.2

the latest FW version doesn’t work
1.0.1 is OK

Hello msmolak67,
thanks for pointing that out, we will check that and fix it.

Can you post details what “doesn’t work”?
There’s a lot of sensors, is it some specific sensor that does not send data? Because the last release has added support for newer VOC-LP sensors which were reporting different manufacturer firmware version.

FW seems to be completely faulty. After reflashing there was nothing on the display. I wanted to use it because of promised repair for VOC LP. 1.1 doesn’t work with my VOC LP.

Thanks for details, I’ll try to speed that up.

Hi, the issue was in our Continuos Deployment system, now its fixed and tested.
Download binary from here, in playground it may take a day to display new version

VOC sensor needs ideally at least 24h to show some meaningful values, after start it always displays values around zero.