Flashing via the VS Code extension is slow

When I upgraded the VS Code extension to the new version that no longer uses bcf I noticed that flashing speed went down significantly. Flashing a firmware of this size:

Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used
             RAM:        9892 B        20 KB     48.30%
           FLASH:       79888 B     196480 B     40.66%
             PIB:          96 B        128 B     75.00%

with bcf takes around 11.5 seconds (2.5 s erase, 6 s write, 3 s verify). In VS Code it takes almost a minute (3 s erase, 30 s write, 18 s verify). Enabling turbo flashing in the settings helps but not much. Is this a configuration issue or does the new flasher need more work to get as performant as bcf?

Hi, we are aware of slower flashing in VSCode compared to bcf and HARDWARIO Playground.

My colleague, author of the HARDWARIO Code, @smejkalJakub tries to look at this, and he’ll let you know.

Which operating system do you use?

Debian 11. No pressure, I can use bcf in the meantime.

We’ll try to look into HARDWARIO Code flashing speed in a few months. We’ll let you know the results.

In case you are doing a lot of iterative development then we suggest using SWD programmer/debugger. Like professional J-Link which is supported in HARDWARIO Code debugger.

In future, we might try to support also ST-Link V2 which is fast enough and can be bought as an original or Chinese clone.