Gateway firmware - core module

I am trying to flash Core module to use it as gateway. I have installed bcf and can see two gateway firmwares:


As I have Core module I supposed that bcf-gateway-core-module will be right one:

bcf flash hardwario/bcf-gateway-core-module:latest

Erasing,flashing and verifying finished fine, but when I try to connect it in Playground I receive “There is no answer from the device. Please, make sure the device is the Radio Dongle and has the correct firmware.”.

But funny is, if I flash that Core module as dongle:

bcf flash hardwario/bcf-gateway-usb-dongle:latest

it works perfectly.

Am I missing something? Is there problem if I use that usb-dongle fw instead core one?

Core module is the newer R2 version.

it’s a bit confusing, the core version is for r1.3 for r2.0 you can use the dongle version.
There is a big difference between core r1.3 and r2.x. r1.3 uses usb cdc while r2.x uses ftdi just like the dongle.
It is a historical continuity, first the core was r1.3 then a dongle was created and after a long time the core r2.x.

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