Gateway "node" in Node-RED

Hi, is there currently a possibility to read messages from the gateway directly in the node-red and skip one step in this schema?


Hi Michal,
I have not tested that, but the gateway is connected to the computer by Virtual serial port. So it should be possible to skip even the Bigclown Gateway in the diagram and connect Node-RED directly to serial port.

On the serial port there are basically JSON commands so you can parse them directly in the Node-RED.
I’ve put “node-red serial” to google and it seems like this plug-in could connect you to the serial port.

You can install it in node-red by clicking on top right menu > Settings > Palette > Install and type “node-red-node-serialport”

Hovewer you have to figure out the format and content of the JSON commands that enable pairing. We dont documented them yet but is should be easy to get them from the bch-gateway and bcf-gateway source codes or by tapping to the communication and sending pairing MQTT commands. My colleague @Karel could help you.

Would this solution work for you?