GitHub repository for BigClown Enclosures

You can find all our models here: Don’t hesitate to contribute your models too!

The new concept of enclosures is “plug and make” just plug in BigClown modules without using screws. For solid connection between booth parts you can use rubber O-Ring or other elastic band.
I Add pictures and O-Ring specification into the table on gitHub.

We are still working on enclosures, so some models are not perfect. I add my feedback into the notes on github. You can meet with some issues due to the different thickens of PCBs. In the first batch we used mainly 1.0 mm PCBs but we decided to chose 1.5 mm PCBs for the next production, because it is much more solid. Exception are all small Tags and Mini Battery Module because of bottom entry socket solution. These modules remains with 1.0mm PCBs.
Other issue is the height of plastic housing of headers. In the old version we used pin headers with 1.5 mm low profile plastic housing. But there was some problems like collision between DC Jack on Power Module and Micro USB on Core Module. To the future, we decided to use only standard 2.5 mm headers and I hope all dimensions will be unified.

I add also nice new model for flood detector with sensor LD-81 made by Karel Blavka.

Looking great! Thanks for clarifying the difference between the old and new variants of the core module. What CAD program was used to design these?

For the “cover modules” I understand that this part can be a climate, PIR or an LCD module, but that there are also “blank” covers (shown on BCE102 and all the wide ones) that are just PCBs without any components? Are these going to be available in the shop? What were your reasons for going with this enclosure design over the old “box with a lid” design?

The enclosure for flood sensor is made in openSCAD Other enclosures are created with common CAD SW, probably Solidworks or AutoCad. I have to ask the autor.

Yes, as a cover you can use Climate, PIR or LCD Module and we prepared also Cover Module and Mini Cover Module. You guess right, it is empty PCB with pin headers from bottom side. We added milling on every “top floor module”. The main feature is air flow, design unification and the nice feature is also, you can see the LED from the Core Module bellow cover :slight_smile:
It will be on eshop soon, but if you want it now, you can order it using our email, we have a few samples on store.

Till now we’ve had a few designs from our supporters and the result is a combination of more ideas. The best of the new concept is, it is much more practical and easy to use. I like especially the solution with O-rings and the look of small version :slight_smile: We have also positive feedback from exhibitions with it. The first concept is good but it is difficult to plug modules and it is not suitable for quick demonstration.

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I see that there are two different sized holes in the bottom parts of the new enclosures which I guess are for wall mounting? Can you post a picture of how that works?

Hi, there is a hole and a slot in the enclosure. Did you mean this feature?
The slot is there for final adjustment to have the enclosure perfectly vertically in case drilled holes in the wall are not perfectly aligned.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I see, thanks.

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