GPS Module Battery

Hi Support Team,
I received my new GPS Module today.
Unfortunately there is no documentation on how to add a battery holder and which type is needed, neither what battery type is needed.
I saw a picture of a GPS Module in this Forum with a mounted battery holder. My GPS Module is “blank” on the back…
Can you help me?

BR Peter

the battery is not needed. Which revision do you have?
We forget to publish schematic. I fixed that

The RAM in GPS is now backed by voltage from battery module over the I2C expander and pin P7.

We decided to not use battery because there was a collision with Core Module JTAG if the battery was present.

If you have older revision with battery footprint, there should be a tiny wire that connects VDD with V_BCKP.

Hi Martin,
I own revision.1.2.
Thanks for publishing the new schematic and for your clarification.

BR Peter

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Hi Martin,
you should revise your GPS Module description in your shop… :slight_smile:
" * Optional battery holder on the bottom for faster cold starts"


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Thanks for pointing that. :+1: Fixed.