How connect bridge module

Where is documentation of alpha set ? I missed. My SD card was broken and I searching everywhere how connect Bridge Module now. Docker dont work, Image for SD card is completly diferent then before and I dont see anywhere how command using for read temperature and other. Demo web page dont work :frowning: I am booring :frowning:

Hi Tomáš,
maybe you wanted to say “I am bored”, not “I am booring”. :slight_smile:

Alright, first of all I am sorry for all the troubles. The truth is that Bridge Project somewhat lacks appropriate level of documentation support. If you remember we used to have BigClown Dashboard in the past (small Node.js web application displaying widgets). We will not continue with that anymore. Also we have discontinued support for Docker containers. Docker is a great technology but it was not perfect fit for our use-case with hardware (because of access privileges and security reasons).

So what can you do next?

Well, we have GitHub repository bc-bridge which can operate in mode between the hardware and MQTT broker. You can find it here:

These are the steps to install it on Raspberry Pi:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake git libudev-dev
git clone --recursive
mkdir -p bc-bridge/build
cd bc-bridge/build
cmake .
cmake --build .

Then you can run it with this command and see the data from sensors right away:

sudo ./bc-bridge -f

You can also connect bc-bridge with MQTT broker, please see --help for more information:

./bc-bridge --help

So how can you visualize your data? We recommend Node-RED. It is very versatile tool for not only visualizing data but also automating your tasks. You can find some tutorials on Node-RED here:

Also I want to point out that our primary focus is on Core Module and SDK. It is much more flexible and the options what you can do with this fully programmable solution are way beyond Bridge Module. Do you have some Core Module? Feel free to stop by and we will give you one.

Let me know if you come across any troubles.

Thanks! Pavel

Thank you for your response.

Maybe something wrong with HW, because cmake . response with error.
I stop by you. Write me a PM when I stop to help.

If cmake . responds with error, it certainly is not a hardware error since cmake is a build tool. Can you please paste the error message here?

Thanks. P.

Guys, just a note… I had to run the build process of bc-bridge with sudo on Raspbian:

sudo cmake .
sudo cmake --build .

Hope this helps

Why dont use package ?

sudo apt-get install bc-bridge

Use sudo and cmake is bad idea. I don’t know reasons why use sudo.