How to control remote relay

Hello all.

I would like to implement the following use case: I have a base node connected to a raspberry and a remote node with a power module. I would like to control the relay on the power module. Is there a way how to send data from the base to the remote?

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we replaced the base for the usb-gateway firmware is here
and the remote for the node firmware is here
for power use firmware-power-module-*.bin if you have led-strip choose your version.
Command you find here (scrolling down)

Just a small note to explain some differences in the firmwares.

The bcf-generic-node firmware is only transmitting measured values (firmwares with battery in the name), or it is transmitting and also receiving (firwmares with power module in the name).

Then you need to pair the nodes. Long press of the B button on the base will start pairing. Then you need to do a long press of the B button on the remote. Then take a look at the MQTT messages to figure out the address. It is a good idea to subscribe to # topic before the pairing because during the pairing you can see the address of the added remote node. It is also possible to later press button on the remote to identify it correctly.

We are preparing new documentation which is not finished and officially out yet, but you can take a look.

Thank you guys. I found it in the code and made it work. Great job :slight_smile: