Impossible to setup - Playground not working as expected

Hi. I tried it all.
raspberry image by hardwario
windows 11 with playground 1.7
Debian vmware with playground 1.7

USB dongle is not detected as well as my motion sensor.
I was able to flash firmware to dongle via cli.(but its not detected afterwards at all) but thats where it ends. I was expecting to have a chance to run playground. I dont have any idea why does it work so poorly

In the end I made it work. Using CLI more, doing hard reboot not just reboot. Still in the documentation there are broken links and things could have been more clear. Now I am thinking about moving it to other vlan but I am running out of ports in my room for that :smiley: I got 5 cat6a ethernet ports and I got them occupied.

Hello @Comodore125, I went over the links in the documentation and fixed the faulty ones that I was able to find. Hope this will help anyone else looking to fix some issue.

Great to hear that you were able to fix the issue.

Have a nice day

Jakub Smejkal