Integration of Big Clown environment with power outlets?


I’m curious if someone already combined BC-acessoiries with a switchable outlet?

Here’s my project:
I have a garden plot with following tools available…

  1. only solar energy with a stationary battery pack
  2. instead of pipe water a well
  3. Turris Omnia with LTE-internet access (connected to home network via VPN)

…where I would like to do some automation:

  • there is a intermediate bulk container (ibc) with pump 1, that will provide enough pressure for a fully automated watering system (aws) for several plants in the garden plot
  • this aws will be saturating the plants needs all over the day in late spring, summer and early fall according to the plants needs, so the consumed ammount of water will differ from day to day
  • every day when solar energy is available, water should get pumped from the well into a ibc with pump 2

So a possible solution to fulfill this scenario could be to combine the Big Clown (BC) flood detector kit with a switchable power outlet:

  • whenever sun shines, pump 2 should be activated (can be done by complex/programmable time schedule, but also with BC light detector kit)
  • flood detector kit will be integrated into the top cover of the ibc
  • whenever flood sensor detects the ibc is filled, pump 2 should be deactivated

Does anyone know of a switchable power outlet, that can be combined with the BC environment?



there’s few documented projects we did to control the 230 V appliances. Are you searching for complete power-plug solution so you don’t have to wire 230 V to the Power Module relay?

Netio Wifi power socket
There is this one project below and 2 more projects on the Hackster, please take a look at Hackster on BigClown Projects

Denkovi 1-Wire relay

433 MHz Radio power outlet

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That’s exactly what I was searching for, perfect!
Then BigClown accessories is the solution to start my project with :hugs:

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Ok, let us know which of suggested solutions works best for you or if you would need further support.

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