LCD module on Node-RED

Hi, it is possible control LCD module from Node-RED? I am trying use examples from, but does not work. thanks

Hello, you need to use one of the firmwares bcf-generic-node-power-module.
This firmware supports and detects almost all sensors and modules. It also keeps the radio listening for MQTT commands to control display, LED strip and relay on power module. This is not low power firmware so we suggest powering it from USB or Power Module.

thank, now it is working.

Now I have problem with sending multiple text in same time, can I send more text in one command? If I send text in more MQTT topics in short time some text is not shown. thanks


unfortunately you can send one text command in one mqtt/radio packet. For sending more text commands, please use the delayblock in Node-RED to give some delay between messages.


I have started working on project, where I would like to display message from my NR server on LCD module. Could you please share your firmware so I do not have to start from scratch? Thank you very much.

OK, have gone ahead and spent today night without much sleep and this is the result:

I have read this topic because I have the same problem with subscription of topic with any other name. But it works now and I have this LCD display in my entrance hall to show me outside temperature so I know what to dress up.


thanks for sharing your code. If you still have issues with custom topic name, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. That’s weird behaviour.

Just curious. In your application_task you send pairing packet, I guess this triggers sending the temperature from node-red. In the lcd_message_set you again plan the application_task() to the “now” so it sends another pairing command. Doesn’t this run in the infinite loop? Or do you have any further logic in the Node-RED which ignores this pairing command after sending temeparture for a few minutes?

Also the application_task() has its task_id always 0 (zero).


Thank you for your “code review”. The pairing request in application_task() is of course nonsense which I have forgotten there. It should be in init part :slight_smile:

I will make an update, thank you :slight_smile: