LCD module - the change of LCD screen

Hi All,
I’m really satisfied with your LCD screen on LCD module. It is really low power and the contrast is very good.
I’m thinking about bigger screen for this module. You are using LS013B7DH03

and I found a bigger LCD with 4.4" - LS044Q7DH01

The datasheet looks very similar and my question is, if SDK is ready for both screens or I need to modify the SDK library.
The pinout of display is the same.

I created weather station with with ESP8266 and ePaper, but my ePaper has some disadvantages - 3mA current during sleep mode, limited rewriting of screen, etc and I think this is very good replacement for that.
I would like to use this screen, Core module and Wi-Fi module.



I was not aware of existing bigger screen. I like this idea.

I briefly looked at datasheet and SPI format and commands are the same. So it seems it will just need to make bigger framebuffer and change few numbers in DMA transmit. The buffer will take around 10kB so it fits fine in Core Module.

I’m going to help you with that if you decide to test that screen.


Hi Martin,
I again checked the screen and I think there is a problem with power supply of voltage. The small screen which BigClown platform uses need 3V power supply, but 4.4" screen needs 5V power supply.

That’s a showstopper :frowning:

Even the second largest and few more types are 5V

But somewhere … they claim it works with 3V

OK, maybe it can work, but are we sure it is true in every cases? :slight_smile:
I wrote question to sharp support, so I will let you know.

Btw: article about breakout module between MCU and memoryLCD