Light up led strip based on motion and light intensity

Hi Pros,

I’m planning to install LED strip into our kitchen.
But I would like to have it a little bit smart e.g.: light up LEDs only when there is some motion AND current light intensity in room is < threshold.

I plan to buy power controller kit and I would replace cover module with PIR module. I will use your LED as well.

I’m not sure about following:

  • Is it possible to replace cover module with PIR module ? Is BCE301 suitable for that ? Motion detection kit uses enclosure BCE101
  • Could you advice how to monitor light intensity ? I would like to fit it in the same enclosure (one core module) ideally … I know there is LUX meter but not sure whether it can be installed into described setup ^^^. Furthermore this forum is so clever that it points me to this topic where somebody proposed that LUX meter can be installed on top of PIR module. Is it possible ?


you can combine PIR Module with Power Module, there is no issue.

  • Yes, you can user PIR Module instead of Cover, you can use BCE301 with that.
  • We do not have yet those PIR Modules with pins for tags

Nice overview with renders is also on github.

I add pictures with BCE301 (now HWE301 :slight_smile: )

If you would like to cover the top of the enclosure, we can add you the “C” cover module. Like HWE204C.
UPDATE: This 3D printed cover does not fit on 301 enclosure. More info in new post below.

Correction - that 3D printed black cover does not fit on 301 enclosure. We do not have enclosure for that cover in 301 variant. You can try it but the modules pin headers do not go fully into the connector inside. See the picture.

Another option is to use Compact Split Module. My is green, in shop there is also old picture of green colour but they come in black now.
Tags can be connected to lower right 5 pins as showed in the picure. Or you can add full Climate module for example.

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