LoRa 1-Wire Thermometer (decode the temperature)

we build the LoRa 1-Wire Thermometer application and we received our first mqtt data. Our received data content is “AR8AzQ==”
How can I decode the temperature from my this message?

Complete mqtt-telegram: {“applicationID”:“3”,“applicationName”:“nw-lora-app”,“deviceName”:“xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,“devEUI”:“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,“txInfo”:{“frequency”:868500000,“dr”:0},“adr”:true,“fCnt”:504,“fPort”:2,“data”:“AR8AzQ==”}

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I would need information which gateway backend do you use? It is TTN? Every LoRa provider has its own callbacks.

Based on the last characters == I would assume that the gateway sends base-64 encoded binary data.

I’ve tried https://conv.darkbyte.ru/

I’ve got:
01 1f 00 cd

That was the solution. The data are base-64 encoded binary data. With the decoder tool a can decode the temperature now:

python3 decoder.py 011F0000cd0000000000
Header : UPDATE
Voltage : 3.1
Orientation : 0
Temperature : 20.5
Humidity : 0.0
Illuminance : 0
Pressure : 0

Thanks. Very good support.

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