LoRa climate module ChirpStack


I’m running several months LoRa climate module with Mikrotik GW and ChirpStack. Today I have decided to install new playground (finally :slight_smile: ) and to flash new firmware to module (hardwario/bcf-lora-climate-monitor “latest”). Flashing went good so I connected to module and made “AT” setting as usual (with parameters that I wrote down lastly):

AT$DEVEUI=< some deveui i have registered on server>
AT$APPKEY=< some appkey i have registered on server>

tested AT$STATUS so I can see temperature, humidity etc… so far so good
now it is time to connect to GW so let’s AT$JOIN … nothing happened no ERROR no JOIN_OK, on console, just OK, but device/module is not connected.
Did it again: reset, reflash, reset parameters … JOIN and nothing just OK. Device is not seen on GW.
Any clue? Till now everything was perfect. Problem with latest firmware?
Appreciate any hint.

best regards

Hello Oskariot,
so the older firmware 1.2.0 worked fine and the 1.3.0 has this issue?
Are you using firmware bcf-lora-climate-monitor ?

The OK response means the AT command was correctly received, but no anwer from LoRa Module is weird. We’ll investigate what could be wrong. It seems like the difference was only the SDK version. We changed some branding in text files and SDK.

Did you tried power reset of the whole stack? Disconnect USB and batteries?

Hi Martin,

yes, as I have written in my post, the firmware = hardwario/bcf-lora-climate-monitor “latest” .
I’ll try older version tomorrow and I’ll come back with the result. I didn’t have time to check.
Regarding “reset”, sure, I have disconnected the module from batteries and also from USB.


Hi Martin,

older firmware 1.2 didn’t help, which is very strange.
Behavior is the same, see attached picture.
After JOIN the response is only OK.


Sorry for late reply, I overlooked this thread :frowning:

A week ago I’ve added debug outputs to the latest SDK which prints the communication between modem and Core Module to the log. Do you know how to build firmware so you can add function bc_cmwx1zzabz_set_debug(true); to the application_init?

Hi Martin,
no, I don’t know how to build firmware, but I can try it. Please send me a link to description how to build it. Thank you.