LoRa firmware upgrade over USB

My LoRa modules have firmware ranging from 1.0.02 to 1.1.06. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware without having to solder anything or use the JTAG interface? Could the firmware be upgraded over USB, e.g., using this: https://github.com/hubmartin/twr-uart-passthrough?


Hi, you can reflash the Murata by using SWD and soldering unpopulated 10 pin 1.27mm connector on the bottom of the PCB (on older R1.1 it is soldered and on the top).
Other option is to use unpopulated staggered 6 pin connector which connects to the second Murata serial port, which can be used to run STM serial bootloader. On the pins there is BOOT, RESET & RX/TX pins + VCC/GND.

Images and schematics are on github

However the firmwares for these modules cannot be shared. They are licensed and user needs official kit from Murata, or NDA if you buy them in bulk.