LoRa module – battery level from DevStatusReq

Does LoRa modem support setting battery level that is reported by DevStatusReq MAC command?

Some LoRaWAN networks (Loriot, ChirpStak, unfortunately TTN does not) send DevStatusReq from time to time and show battery level of device (see https://www.chirpstack.io/network-server/features/device-status/).

My bcf-lora-climate-monitor always report battery 100% (raw value 254). From payload, battery voltage is 2.2 V, so definitely not 100% :slight_smile:

Hello Adam,

the LoRa Modem on LoRa Module we have is using official FW from Murata and does not have this feature to change that byte value. We’ve checked today for FW updates and there is not newer FW.
However all our LoRa firmwares send the battery voltage in the data frame.

Hi Martin,

That’s what I was afraid of.
Thanks for checking.