LoRa RSSI of last received message


i’d like to ask, if someone tried to get RSSI of last received message on lora module.

I’m thinking of something like you get a message and then you press a button and a message shows in the console, saying something like “RSSI: -80”. Or it could be right after you receive a message…

If anybody could help me, i’d really appreciate it.


Hi, we have created an internal LoRa tester which tests every LoRa Module and then saves all information of reeived message from the server including RSSI to the database. We use CRA LoRaWAN and they provide this API:

The RSSI information we get from that API, but every provider has different backend so you have to consult that.

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Hi Martin,

i’ll definitely try it out and give you some feedback.

Thanks! Díky! :clown_face:

Ok, i am back with the feed back…

This API wasn’t exactly what I needed.
I sent a message to you (maybe it is just your colleague with the same name :clown_face: ), describing what exactly i am trying to do.

Thanks for your reply.

It also depend on which message are you talking about - uplink or downlink?

Information about uplink reception is known by networking server (backend) and access to this information depends on it. It is different for TTN, ČRA, Loriot,… Usualy there is some web interface for manual check and some API form programming access. This API is mentioned by @hub.martin

Information about donwlink is known by modem itself. If we speak about BC LoRa Modul there are AT command to obtain RSSI and SNR of last donwlink message, but it is not implemented in SDK (yet? :wink: ).