LoRa Session Keys in OTAA Mode

I’ve got the LoRa module connected to the LoraWAN operated by Ceske Radiokomunikace in the Czech Republic. The module is configured in the OTAA mode and everything works great.

However, I wonder what keys are returned by the commands AT$NWKSKEY and AT$APPSKEY after a successful join. I would have expected the modem to return the network/application session keys derived for the current session through the join process. But it seems the module returns the pre-programmed static keys that are normally used in the ABP mode?

Is that the case? If yes, is there a way to obtain the current session OTAA keys?


Which kit/firmware do you use with LoRa Module?
In LoRa Module the keys update and can be read, however the firmware in the Core Module does not reload them automatically.
However you can reboot the Core Module and they will reload. But you cannot have JOIN command in the startup sequence otherwise it will update again.

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My own firmware, but the AT command subsystem is based off of

That is, AT$NWKSKEY just invokes bc_cmwx1zzabz_get_nwkskey. Looking at the implementation of bc_cmwx1zzabz_get_nwkskey, I now know what you mean when you say it’s not reloaded automatically.

Thanks a lot for the pointer!