Lora-Tester "JOIN" Display bug?

I’m trying to follow your OTAA Example and programmed the keys over the Serial Connection:
AT$DEVEUI=002A99DD6DBC8C9A <- changed to my key from TTN Console
AT$APPEUI=70B3D57ED001013D <- changed to my key from TTN Console
AT$APPKEY=02768539CFA12A8C174EF19FB2739DEA <- changed to my key from TTN Console

When I try to JOIN the TTN Network I can see the a “Joining” message on the Display, followed 5 seconds later with an “ERROR” Message. So far so good.
Unfortunately the “ERROR” message does not disappear on subsequent “JOIN” attempts. So I’m not sure if the Lora-Tester is really trying to join in the background.
Join mode is set to OTAA, EU868, SF7/125KHz, Network Public (or Private), Class A

Ist this a bug that the “ERROR” message does not disappear?

Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter,

if you still see an error after second join, then the response of that join was again error. It’s not a bug.

I’m a bit confused where you see the “Joining” message, because there is not any. I tried it on my kit, I’ve also searched the source code and there is no string “Joining”

Here is the source code that based on LoRa modem response displays ERROR or JOINED.

I’ve added “Joining…” message right now, it is a good idea.

In a few hours the binary will be in Playground, but now, you can try flash the binary in attachment.bcf-lora-tester-lcd-gps-ttnmapper-v1.0.1.bin (85.7 KB)

Hello Martin,
thanks for your ultra-fast Response! :smiley:
I thought I’ve seen a “JOINING” message.

Hmmm, I do not understand where the error comes from…
I can see the joining message on the Gateway (via TTN Console), but the Application told that the Device is “Never seen” in the TTN Console.
Do I have change the key order (LSB, MSB) as necessary for other implementations (Arduino LMIC for example).

Thank for your reply and adding the joining message.

Best regards

Hi Peter,

if you use TTN then there is no need to change key order (LSB, MSB). I’ve heard that some GW needs this but with TTN I just did copy and paste of the keys like in my video LoRa Tester with LCD & GPS: Open, Configurable, Low-Power - Hackster.io

If you see JOIN request in the TTN console then the radio is set-up right. It seems like the issues with keys or the response from the LoRa gateway does not reach the LoRa Tester.

The release is out on Github, it takes a few hours until it propagates to Playground

Hi Martin,
thanks for your great support! I appreciate that!
I’ll take a deeper look and check my settings again.

Best regards