Monitoring Station Box

This is a box for our Monitoring Station used in “FirstProject”. You should respect the order of modules to be able to plug USB and relay cables and connect tags.

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Box looks great, but how to use it outdoor? It is not waterproof and luxmeter will not work if iwill cover with something or put inside another box …

You are right, these boxes are just for an indoor use. Hopefully we or our community will bring some solution for the outdoor use later this year…

Just today I came across the need for outdoor box for the climate module. For now I’ve used some food box but I was wondering if anybody has a better solution or I was wondering if there are any official plans for it, maybe? :slight_smile:

Hello eggze,

we do not have any partially opened enclosures for rainy outdoor use now. We have indoor enclosures or list of bigclown “compatible” IP enclosures here Testing BigClown “compatible” IP54&66 enclosures

It’s hard to come with some compromise. We’ve had a many discussions in our team about partially opened outdoor enclosured, but we had always doubts about affecting the lifetime of our electronics.

Partially opened outdoor enclosures have always issues with condensating humidity inside. It’s hard to tell in which places and parts of the world user would install them. It can work for many years, it may be damaged by humidity in 6 months.
Humidity will affect the lifetime of the electronics. Conformal coating of electronics could solve this on the PCB level but we still use the 2.54 pin headers which can be also damaged by moisture in years.

The solution could be some enclosure whit hole in the bottom and holes on the sides made that pouring water could not get inside. ALl this should be covered in some sun radiation shield which also helps to get rid of the rain water.


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Thank you for the info and links, that’s really useful.

I was also thinking about having only humidity and light intensity tag outside of the box and the rest in the box or in some “epoxy coating”.

I’ll probably go with E126 or similar as I’m mainly interested in temperature measuring.