No radio USB dongle connected on playground

I am using BigClown Raspbian (Linux hub 4.14.71-v7+ #1145 SMP Fri Sep 21 15:38:35 BST 2018 armv7l) for all the time. Approx month, or two months ago I have seen that there is no devices on the Playground (Devices section). It shows error “No radio USB dongle connected”, but the dongle is already connected and I am still successfully communicate between devices using that dongle… But I am not able to use Playground functions, such as Dashboard. When I unplug and plug the dongle back, error disappear and there is list of all connected devices…
I am not sure if is possible to list devices over the Node RED when there is the error.

Can you please tell me, how to fix this problem? Is any way to update BigClown Playground or something else?


Unfortunately, I see this error first, would it be possible to join the rpi via teleconsole again?

As we talked, I will try to update bcg using this commands:

sudo pip3 install -U bcg
pm2 restart bcg-ud

If problem occurs again I will give you a message.

Thank you for your help!

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I have similar problem

I am just starting to play with Bigclown, I got some set with preinstaled and paired nodes and rPI with dongle.
When I am in telnet there I can see communication between rPI, dongle and nodes via Mosquitto, but nothing in playgroud.
You can see attached picture where system said that USB dongle is not connected and nothing else works. Once I start Mosquitto manually via telnet then in NODE-RED I can see messages from nodes but still system said that usb dongle is not connected. If Mosquitto is not started manually NODE RED shows me nothing and everthing is disconnected.
I’ve tried some hints what I found in your forum, but no success
I’ve upgraded software/firmware of rPI, USB-Dongle to latest versions.
THX for help.

Hello Ondřej,
so it worked and then you did system update and now you can see MQTT in the console, but not in the webpage?

We use MQTT over websockets in Mosquitto so its possible that after update the Mosquitto configuration was lost. Websockets are not enabled by default, you can follow this article.

Node-RED is using direct MQTT communication so that really seems like there is some issue with:

  • Mosquitto is not running after start
  • It has not configured MQTT over websockets

I did flashed bc-raspbian 1.8.1 and did update, upgrade and after reset of Rpi the web interface works just fine.

So maybe I did not understand what went wrong.

  • Was the Rpi ordered and pre-installed from our shop?
  • What image did you started with? Our bc-raspbian, or clean raspbian?
  • Did it worked before? What did changed sice it worked before?