Onomondo attach timeout issue

If you have issues with Onomondo SIM and cannot attach to the network. You can try solutions below:

1) Set fixed PLMN and disable autoconf

In your Onomondo account find what PLMN ID was used for the node that has now issues, or check nearby node PLMN ID. This PLMN is also visible in the CHESTER Console when the device attaches correctly.
(we have also table with PLMN in our docs, however this might not be complete or actual)

lte config plmnid
lte autoconn false
config save

2) Increasing timeout

This option needs firmware change for now (6th April 2023, firmwares v2.0.0 or Clime v2.1.1 )

int ctr_lte.c on line 655 there is line

ret = k_poll(events_2, ARRAY_SIZE(events_2), K_MINUTES(5));

and the timeout should be made longer for example to 60 minutes

ret = k_poll(events_2, ARRAY_SIZE(events_2), K_MINUTES(60));

(it might work with 30, but we use 60 now)

We tested that CHESTER connects in an average of 10 minutes.

If you do the FW update, it would also help for better troubleshooting to check the FPLMN parameter (blocked PLMNID) from the modem; you do that by adding this to the ctr_lte_talk_at_cimi function in ctr_lte_talk.c

ret = talk_cmd_response_ok(RESPONSE_TIMEOUT_S, NULL, buf, &size, NULL, “AT+CRSM=176,28539,0,0,12”);

if (ret < 0) { LOG_ERR(“Call talk_cmd_response_ok failed: %d”, ret); return ret; }

so it will look like this

response in log should have 24 “F” letters if no PLMN is blocked.